10 spring break home rentals for under $100 a night

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    It may be hard to believe, but spring break is almost here. It's time to book a flight, find a bathing suit and figure out where in the world you hid that sunblock at the end of last summer.

    But between the costs of travel, food and activities, the price tag of a spring break getaway can make your vacation more stressful and less enjoyable.

    Timing flight purchases to get the best price is often the first way travelers try to trim expenses, spurring dozens of studies trying to find the best window. Discount travel site CheapAir, in a 2016 study, found the "Prime Booking Window" is anywhere from three weeks to 3.5 months before your intended travel dates.

    Kayak narrows that window further, suggesting you book between four and six weeks before you plan to fly, meaning now is the time to book for your March or April vacations.

    Home sharing is another great way to cut vacation costs without cutting fun. Renting a house or condo for your trip can be less expensive than staying in a beachfront hotel and also offers additional perks, such as a full-size kitchen where you can cook your meals instead of going out, community pools that may be less crowded than those at hotels and additional space and privacy not offered by traditional hotel rooms.

    Click ahead for home rentals under $100 a night in 10 popular spring break destinations.

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