12 stores with great return policies

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    By Paul Sisolak/GOBankingRates

    When Christmas is over, many gift recipients are saddled with the frustrating post-holiday task of dealing with a retailer's cumbersome return policy. No matter how much thought or sentiment goes into gifting, we're sometimes on the receiving end of an item we're thankful for but, for one reason or another, we'd like to return or exchange gifts for something else.

    Unfortunately, it can be difficult to do so when many stores don't offer a large time window or put restrictions in place that dictate which merchandise is available for return and the form of repayment you can receive.

    Don't let an unwanted gift collect dust on your shelf in 2015 just because you couldn't return it. We examined the some of the most popular retailers across the country, and the following dozen businesses offer great return policies to help you save money (and hopefully get your hands on the gift you really want).