9 businesses President Trump has helped -- and hurt

Last Updated Feb 17, 2017 3:10 PM EST

  • Donald Trump ran on a campaign that emphasized his skills as a businessman, vowing he would "make America great again" partly by reviving manufacturing jobs and cutting taxes.

    President Trump has yet to deliver on either of those promises, as his administration has become embroiled in contentious hearings for his cabinet picks, a scandal over a top security adviser and stumbling blocks over his vow to "repeal and replace" Obamacare. To be sure, the administration is in its early days, and some policy experts believe his pro-business policies could materialize later this year.

    That doesn't mean Mr. Trump hasn't had an impact on business in his first month on the job. Some industries have been significantly affected by the president's executive orders and his penchant for tweeting his complaints to the public. In some cases, industries that Mr. Trump has sought to punish have enjoyed large gains, thanks to a growing and vocal group of voters who want to demonstrate opposition to his policies and views.

    As for the wider business community, including infrastructure and manufacturing concerns, it's likely they'll have to wait longer to enjoy the fruits of Mr. Trump's policies.

    "Patience will be a virtue for businesses," wrote Oxford Economics' Gregory Daco in a report on Mr. Trump's economic progress since his January inauguration. "Turning campaign promises into law is quite difficult and extremely time consuming, even with a Republican majority in Congress."

    Read on to learn about nine businesses that are already experiencing "bigly" boosts and busts, thanks to Mr. Trump's policies and views.