5 CEOs whose worth has skyrocketed since the election

  • President Donald Trump campaigned on a promise of good-paying jobs for American workers. And while most of his policy ideas have yet to be realized, a handful of workers have already seen huge increases in their worth: the CEOs of most of the companies in the Dow Jones industrial average.

    The Dow has seen a huge rally since the election, crossing the psychologically important 20,000 marker shortly after the inauguration and now within striking distance of 21,000. Collectively, the CEOs of those 30 companies have seen the value of their shares grow by $402 million, according to research company Equilar, which calculated their returns in mid-February.

    But even in the rarefied ranks of CEOs, not all is equal. The stock holdings of two bank leaders accounted for two-thirds of the value gained since November. Goldman Sachs (GS) head Lloyd Blankfein and JPMorgan Chase (JPM) CEO Jamie Dimon are jointly $295 million richer than they were on Nov. 7.

    Three other execs also saw substantial increases in the share value of their companies, though their dollar gains were more muted. (Remember, everything is relative.) Read on to see the five chief executives who have made out the best in the first three months of the Trump presidency.