Here come the 2015 -- make that the 2016 -- cars

  • Audi

    The cork has yet to pop on the new year's bubbly, but that isn't stopping automakers from showcasing vehicles for the following model year in 2016. They include high-performance cars from Ford and Cadillac and mini-SUVs from Honda and Mazda. Redesigns include a Volvo SUV and an Audi coupe.

    Until the 1970s or so, new model years began precisely on Oct. 1 with ceremonial unveiling of the next year's cars. But after years of tinkering with their production schedules, car makers now introduce new models in any way they think can garner some attention.

    Among the 2016 models already being touted, sporty cars are well represented, including the redesigned Audi TT pictured above in its convertible form. This third-generation TT, first shown at the Los Angeles Auto Show, will have a turbo-boosted engine of about 220 horsepower. One Car and Driver reviewer praised the new TT for its quick acceleration and the high design of its interior.

    Here's a closer look at five other 2016 vehicles making their debut.

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