2 giraffes dead after break-in at Polish zoo

A giraffe eats flowers on May 1, 2012 in Warsaw's zoo.

(AP) WARSAW, Poland - Two female giraffes at a zoo in central Poland died after vandals broke into the facility, and officials are trying to find a companion for their last remaining giraffe — a male.

The break-in at the zoo in Lodz city occurred Saturday night, and the unidentified hooligans overturned signs and threw benches and garbage cans into animal runs, including one near where the three giraffes were.

Officials said one of the female giraffes was found dead early Sunday and a post-mortem showed she had died of stress. The second female was found dead early Monday.

The head of the zoo's breading section, Wlodzimierz Stanislawski, said Tuesday that management is checking with other zoos in Europe to see if it can find a companion for Tofik, the widowed male giraffe.