A look back at other stock market closures


(MoneyWatch) U.S. stock and options exchanges will close today due to Hurricane Sandy. It is the first unscheduled, market-wide shutdown since Sept 11. Exchange officials said markets may stay closed on Tuesday, too. U.S. bond markets will close early at noon and New York-based commodity markets (oil, metals) markets will remain open, via their electronic platforms.

The last weather-related closing occurred on Friday Sept. 27, 1985 for Hurricane Gloria, but the NYSE has closed to honor the funeral of presidents, world events and technical glitches. Here is a list of some of the rare NYSE closings:

-- July 31 - Nov. 27, 1914: Closed pending outbreak of World War I. Reopened for trading in bonds with price restrictions on Nov. 28, 1914; for trading in a limited number of stocks under price restrictions on Dec. 12, 1914; and for trading in all stocks, under price restrictions, on Dec. 15, 1914. All restrictions were removed April 1, 1915.

-- Nov. 11, 1918 (Mon): Armistice signed

-- 1929 - 1933: Numerous closings; due to market volatility

-- Aug. 15-16, 1945 (Wed-Thu) V-J Day. End of World War II

-- Nov. 22, 1963 (Fri): Closed at 2:07 pm. Assassination of President John F. Kennedy

-- Sept. 27, 1985 (Fri): Market closed due to Hurricane Gloria

-- Oct. 23-30, 1987 (Fri-Fri): Shortened hours following stock crash and record-breaking volume - 2:00 pm close

Sept. 11-14, 2001 (Tue-Fri): Closed following the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center (longest shutdown since 1933)

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