Adrien Brody: The Next DeNiro?

Adrien Brody has been called the next Robert DeNiro. Although he's only 26 years old, he has worked with some of the world's most respected directors.

He is in a new film, Liberty Heights. He gives some highlights to Bryant Gumbel on The Early Show.

Lately Brody has played complex edgy characters.

"I had played Oxygen, which is actually coming out this week as well, which was a psychopathic, evil, misogynistic killer. Then I played Summer of Sam where they thought I was the guy....It was very extreme," he says.

But in Liberty Heights, he portrays the sweet guy. "America was very different then. You know, I think young people in the '50s had an innocence that they don't possess today," Brody notes.

So it was an opportunity to explore those nuances and get away from the insanity, he says.

"It takes a toll. It really does when you play all those guys. It's wonderful, and it's fun. But if you're constantly going into the darkness, you have to find something to pull you out," he adds.

His decision to take the Liberty Heights role had a lot to do with the director. It was an opportunity to work with director Barry Levinson, Brody points out.

Does Brody worry about film finding an audience?

"The film is very different from most of the films today. So, I'm sure there is a market for it, if you're speaking in those terms. But I'm very, you know, proud of what the film states," he adds.

Asked about whether he is the next DeNiro, Brody is humbly flattered by the comparison.

"It was initially an excerpt from something that was describing essentially, you know, I have this quality of that and those kind of actors. And they're urban, gritty actors. I'm drawn to very similar material. So, they can be comparing me to someone else," he says.

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