After the Big Launch, the Apple iPad Hangover Sets In

Last Updated Apr 6, 2010 3:37 PM EDT

Now that we're a few days past the apparent orgiastic rush of the iPad launch, it's time to consider how people are reacting. Plenty are enamored of their devices, and people often praise Apple (AAPL) for its engineering prowess and product quality. However, both are, in part, a product of fandom, hype, and superior public relations. There has been plenty of swooning over the iPad, so here's a look at problems that some users have already found:
  • Some number of users find Wi-Fi issues and low signal strength indicated, even when other devices, including iPhones, show full service. The question is whether the cause is software code or hardware design element, like the antenna. It's odd, because if this were the case, you might expect many more iPads to show the same shortcoming.
  • Many Apple devices, including various iPhone and iPod models, have demonstrated significant cases of serious overheating. Apparently the iPad is no exception, with some that have overheated in the sun, even though only out for a few minutes and in outdoor temperatures that are moderate.
  • There have also been complaints that the USB connector can be faulty, with charging or syncing taking a long time. Apple does state that the fastest way to charge the device is to use the included power adapter. Connect it to a PC or older Mac, and chances are that the iPad will only charge when it is in sleep mode.
This third difficulty, at least in terms of charging, is more a result of the pragmatic needs of the hardware, which Apple noted in the user manual, rather than some unexpected glitch. However, it does seem to take many by surprise, and I could see how Apple might not want to advertise the increased inconvenience.

In any case, we'll see what develops over time. I think one of the biggest hangovers will be that of AT&T (T), when it suddenly has to support even more bandwidth-hungry devices that won't want anything but data connectivity.

In the meantime, for a more lighthearted look at the iPad, here's the latest in the "Will It Blend?" video series from blender manufacturer Blendtec. Don't try this at home -- seriously:

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