Aspiring Billionaires Beware

A flurry of recent announcements from media and entertainment companies has heralded introduction of a wide range of programming for portable devices. On Oct. 12, 2005, in San Jose, Jobs showed an episode of "Desperate Housewives" during an unveiling of a new iPod that will show television episodes. By the way, "Housewives" airs on ABC, which is owned by Disney, whose biggest shareholder is... Steve Jobs! (AP Photo/Paul Sakuma)
Ever dream of becoming a business tycoon and making more money than you could spend in a lifetime? If then answer is "yes," then CBS News Up To The Minute has just the computer programs for you.

Correspondent Mika Brzezinski and Up To The Minute Computer Consultant John Quain looked at CD-ROMs in the Rockefeller spirit.

Profitania is the latest business simulation from mom-and-pop game company Lavamind. Set in an underground world, would-be tycoons run soup-to-nuts manufacturing outfits. Characters with names including Zazzel and Yogul buy raw materials on the open market, manage factories making Dopple Mops and Halatocs, then sell when the price is right. Unexpected twists and turns keep players on their toes.

For example, does your insurance cover the volcanic eruption that just wiped out the factory? Or, how best to deal with the loan shark who wants to be repaid today? The game is pure fantasy, but its creators say it's based on real business principles and teaches real-world skills. Quain recommends Profitania for business-minded people who have plenty of free time.

For people who want to be real business owners, not just play them on the computer, there's Guerrilla Business from Houghton Mifflin Interactive. The software offers bone-dry tutorials on writing a business plan, projecting income, profit-and-loss statements and more. Quain says this CD-ROM is a worthy investment For people looking to start a business.

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