Baby Chow Rescued From Deep

This is a story of how curiosity almost killed the puppy, Blackberry.

The young chow wandered under his owner's backyard deck in Portland, Oregon, and fell into a hidden well that no one knew was there. The owner, Tim Clackum, following the sound of the dog's whimpers, crawled under his deck to discover the 20-foot-deep well, where he saw his puppy struggling to stay afloat and barely able to breathe. He jumped in and yelled for help.

A neighbor came to the puppy's rescue with a rope. Blackberry was pulled to safety, but the rope wasn't strong enough to help Clackum.

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His wife, Brenda, who has a broken foot, could not be of much help, so she called 911. It took 45 minutes, but Blackberry's owner was finally out of there, thanks to the area's fire and rescue company and some special equipment.

Clackum says of the ordeal: "It was pretty bad. There were dead animals. I wouldn't have been able to deal with it if I had to watch the dog die."

He adds, though, that he is certainly grateful it wasn't one of his children who fell down that well.

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