Bill Clinton gets in on the "selfie" craze

Sen. Mark Pryor, D-Arkansas, takes a selfie with former President Bill Clinton during a rally for Democrats at the University of Central Arkansas in Conway, Ark., Monday, Oct. 6, 2014.

AP Photo/Danny Johnston

Riddle me this: If you're an endangered Democratic senator in a state that's been turning over Republican leaves at an astonishing rate, what do you do when you have at your disposal that state's wildly popular former governor, who also happens to be a former president and a practiced grassroots connoisseur?

Answer: Apparently, take a "selfie."

Clinging onto a seat that could play kingmaker in the battle to control an up-for-grabs chamber, Sen. Mark Pryor on Monday made sure not to pass up an opportunity for a picture with Democratic superstar Bill Clinton. The former president has returned to his old stomping grounds in Arkansas to rally support for Pryor, who's trailing his GOP challenger, Rep. Tom Cotton, by several percentage points.

Kicking off a two-day tour through the state, Clinton made the case Monday that a Republican majority in the Senate would be treacherously obstructionist in its members' quest to defy President Obama.

Cotton's message, Clinton argued, is: "Give me a six-year job for a two-year protest." Pryor, though, has proven he'll "work with anybody to get something done, and... hate inaction and gridlock and shutting the government down and not anybody doing anything for anybody else.

"...They want you to make this a protest vote," Clinton said of Republicans. "All three of these races, they're saying, 'You may like these guys, but, hey - you know what you've got to do, you've got to vote against the president. After all, it's your last shot.' It's a pretty good scam, isn't it?"

Cotton over the weekend dismissed Clinton's credence among Arkansas voters, meantime floating a theme that stood up to the former president's charges.

"I'm not worried about Bill Clinton's support for Mark Pryor," Cotton told ABC News. "I'm worried about Mark Pryor's support for Barack Obama."

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