Building A House, Day By Day

A home is being constructed live on The Early Show, and at the heart of the special event is Habitat for Humanity, a grassroots organization dedicated to eliminating homelessness and substandard housing worldwide.

CBS' home repair expert, Early Show Contributor Bob Vila, demonstrates the stages of construction and sharesmore about Habitat and the latest family to gain a home through the program.

Day 5: Welcome Home: color>The final decorating touches are added. Owner Mary McGhee gets her house keys and a new address.

Day 4: HUD's Cuomo Stops By: color>Bob Vila speaks with Housing and Urban Development Secretary Andrew Cuomo about the agency's funding of Habitat for Humanity projects and a home safety initiative.

Day 3: Primed For The Finish: color>Bob Vila tells us more about the new home's owner. The hammering has ceased and now the project moves into the painting stages.

Day 2: Energy-Efficient Home:color> One key way to make a house more affordable is to put a ceiling on its energy costs. Bob Vila explains all the ingredients incorporated into this new construction.

Day 1: A Community Project: color> The latest Habitat home is being built for four generations. Owner Mary McGhee is paying part of her way through "sweat equity."

Founded in 1976 by Millard and Linda Fuller, Habitat for Humanity has grown steadily, building and renovating at least 70,000 homes for families in need.
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The organization received a spark of nationwide interest after former U.S. President Jimmy Carter and his wife, Rosalynn, began their personal involvement as volunteers in 1984.

Habitat for Humanity volunteers from across the country have gathered in Maryland to help a family build a home of their own over a five-day construction period.

Home improvement contributor Bob Vila is providing live reports from the construction site Nov. 8-12.

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