Buzz And Woody Rake It In

At the box office, a record-breaking $221 million was taken in during the Thanksgiving weekend, breaking the record of $177 million, which was set last year.

Opening with an astounding $80.8 million was Toy Story 2, breaking the record set last year by A Bug's Life, which took in $45.7 million.

Considering that holiday time is family time, perhaps it is not surprising that Disney has had the top film at the Thanksgiving box office for the last six years (Toy Story 2, A Bug's Life, Flubber, 101 Dalmatians, Toy Story, and The Santa Clause). Disney hopes to continue that trend next year with the Thanksgiving 2000 release of 102 Dalmatians.

But, for now, Toy Story 2, which broke last year's Thanksgiving weekend box office by $35 million, is Disney's latest success story.

"Toy Story 2 had, No. 1, Toy Story One behind it," says Jess Cagle of Entertainment Weekly magazine. "There was a tremendous amount of good will toward this movie, a tremendous amount of good will toward Tom Hanks and Tim Allen. But, mostly, adults as well as children love this animation...that looks fresh, that looks new."

He adds that Toy Story 2 could become the highest grossing film of the holiday season.

Hoping to give Toy Story 2 a run for its money is Arnold Schwarzenegger with End of Days, which also had a big opening over the Thanksgiving weekend.

"For this movie to make third but still come in at $31 million shows you what a phenomenal weekend this was for Hollywood," notes Cagle.

Schwarzenegger has not had a film out since 1997's Batman and Robin, in which he had top billing, but was not the only star. His last straight action film was Eraser, which opened in the summer of 1996 with $24 million.

End of Days was no doubt helped by Schwarzenegger's presence on the talk show circuit and by a very strong trailer. If it continues to pull poor reviews, though, bad word-of-mouth could mean that it will fade away quickly.

Star Wars: Episode One - The Phantom Menace will be re-released this coming Friday for one week only. During that time, all proceeds from the box office will be donated to charity.

Here are the top 10 movies of the Thanksgiving weekend:

1. Toy Story 2$80.8 million
2. The World Is Not Enough$35 million
3. End of Days$31 million
4. Sleepy Hollow$27.4 million
5. Pokemon: The First Movie$9.1 million
6. The Bone Collector$7.3 million
7. Dogma$4.9 million
8. Anywhere But Here$4 million
9. The Insider$3.3 million
10. Being John Malkovich$2.9 million