Check Online For Men On List

He has too many bad ties, doesn't need socks, and you don't know how far he's read down the bestseller list.

In Tuesday's installment of Nothing But Net, The Early Show Co-Anchor Jane Clayson interviewed an expert about shopping online for the man in your life: a dad, brother, son or husband.

Here are a few online shopping picks from Brandon Holley, senior editor of Gentleman's Quarterly, and just a smattering of what's available on the Internet.

Pick up a Parker pen online.

At, you'll find a Parker pen for $172, a suitable gift for your father. But, as Holley points out, "Every man loves a pen."

Or you can try a leather change tray for $90 from, an item that Holley calls "something that he doesn't know he needs, but once he gets it..."

"Â…He'll probably use it for the rest of his life," Clayson chimes in.

The idea is: When a husband or father comes home from work, there is a neat little place for him to toss his keys and his spare change.

Be prepared for the holidays; cybershop for a shaving kit.

A son or brother may get a kick out of shaving accessories, including a badger brush with case ($76) and sandalwood shaving cream ($33) from Geo. F. Trumper. It's available online at "They love to pamper themselves," Holley says.

More appropriate for a husband or boyfriend would be a body watercolor set with palette and brush for $95 from Explains Holley, "It's soap bodypaint you put on with a brush, then you wash off."

Another good "boyfriend gift," also from, might be a talking electronic dart game for $150.

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A good gift for an office mate or for the Secret Santa bag might be an office garden ($70) from This includes a galvanized letterbox, desktop lawn, incense stick, incense holder and heavy-duty hand cream. You provide the soil, the kit provides the grass seed, and the lawn grows on the desk.

A floor pillow is a click away.

Elegant but sturdy cushions may be found at, which carries a Pacifica home silk floor pillow ($150) and also a Golden Bear Home cowhide floor pillow ($200).

Other "Secret Santa" ideas include an Asprey & Garrard address book ($50) from and a business card holder ($16) from

Find on the Web such gifts as a martini set.

If you know a man who enjoys the occasional martini, you might want to give him the Bond martini gift set ($175), including a shaker, from www.

Wednesday on Nothing But Net: how to shop online for the woman in your life; on Thursday, shopping for gourmet goodies, and Friday, Web shopping for kids.