Cogburn, The Attack Rooster

Many of us have pets with personality - but what about a pet that provides security? Correspondent Gerard Ramalho of CBS Affiliate KTVT-TV in Dallas-Fort Worth reports that one man in Irving, Texas, believes a rooster is all the protection he needs.
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When it comes to protecting home and household, people go to great lengths. Jeff Jeffrey has dogs, even a couple of horses. But for protection, he calls on his rooster, Cogburn.

To neighbor Jessica Barrentine, this rooster is a bird to contend with: "He attacks me; he chases after me and claws me with his talons."

Her daughter agrees: "I think it's pretty scary. He seems to follow me and my sister everywhere."

The neighbors aren't exactly fans of Cogburn. They prefer to watch from a distance - behind the fence, where it's safe. Jeffrey says, "He'll jump up and just kind of go: 'bap, bap, bap', and when he does that, you better keep an eye on him because, you're fixin' to be flogged real good."

Jeffrey says the Rhode Island Red just happened along one day and quickly took to his chickens: "He doesn't want me around his hens - except around feeding time."

Razor-sharp spurs and a mean temperament are reason enough to stay away, reason enough to be "chicken."

Cogburn seems content "ruling the roost," as they say. And to those who think they may someday want to "test his talons," Jeffrey offers this piece of advice:

"Just don't get over the fence 'cause you'll find out!"

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