Crowdsource Your Gadget Shopping

Last Updated Mar 9, 2007 6:12 PM EST

Okay, so maybe crowdsourcing isn't the best term for what I'm describing in this post; in fact, all I'm actually doing is pointing you to Amazon's best-selling office electronics products. But crowdsourcing is the business model in which amateurs use their spare time to solve problems, and, by voting with their wallets, the Amazon community has compiled a list of their favorite office gear for you. (You're right. This is not a business model at all. I just wanted to use a funny buzzword.)

At any rate, the stuff that gets bought the most is either a well-known product at a big discount (like a 1 gig SanDisk Flash card for $12) or a really cool tool that solves a common problem (like this laser pointer that lets you wirelessly control a power point presentation). Just make sure to check out the comments from other shoppers before you buy anything!