Day 3: Primed For The Finish

It's the third day that The Early Show has been tracking the home's construction and Habitat for Humanity volunteers are still working away.

Home Improvement Contributor Bob Vila reports on the house's progress, and a conversation he had with the soon-to-be new homeowner Mary McGhee as they walked down a quiet country lane a couple days ago.

Even though McGhee's old home doesn't have proper facilities, she's always been a happy woman.

She has lived in Lothian all her life, and for 27 years she has been a renter of her current home.

McGhee has had electricity, oil for heat, and gas to cook with, but as for running water, she has had to haul it all those years.

So the prospects of going to the new place at the end of the week are making her very excited, she says.

Her family consists of Florence Blake, whom McGhee calls, "her mother in Christ," her daughter, Pamela Anderson, who works at a clinic, and her granddaughter Raynice, who will be back in school in a little while.

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"I'm just enjoying seeing her. She's been excited now for about six months," Anderson says.

"She's a hard worker. She deserves that house and another one, because she's been through some stuff. All of us have. But I think the basic thing for her, she has never wanted for anything," she notes proudly.

"She's like, I'm indoors; I have food and shelter. It doesn't matter what it looks like. That's how she's been through this," she adds.

The three women say they are looking forward to seeing the house completed on Friday and to moving in.

On Tuesday while some of the volunteers were putting on the siding, a crew of 10 was on the roof putting the shingles on and getting the front porch in place. Inside the house, about 12 people were putting up the plaster.

The cathedral ceilings and the rest of the house are ready for the paint crews.

So Wednesday is a quieter day in terms of the hammering.

McGhee has been painting the porch exterior. The siding is pre-primed, so that eliminates a step. All she has to do is apply two coats of latex exterior paint.

Her daughter is also with her, contributing to the project and taking some time off from the clinic.

So it's just two more days to go and project manager Roger Belch says, "Things are moving along pretty well."

On Thursday the interior will be completed, and the local inspectors will come to check the house.

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