Prosecutors: Woman charged with murder injected buttocks with industrial-grade silicone

Denise Ross

CBS DFW/Dallas Police

DALLAS -- Prosecutors say a Dallas salon worker charged with murder injected clients’ buttocks with industrial-grade silicone as part of illegal cosmetic procedures.

Prosecutors argued in opening statements Tuesday at the trial for Denise “Wee Wee” Ross that the 45-year-old injected the silicone into the buttocks of Wykesha Reid to give her what the salon called the “Wee Wee Booty.” 

Reid was found dead at the salon in 2015. 

The Dallas Morning News reports that silicone from the injection traveled through Reid’s heart and into her lungs. 

Authorities contend that after Ross injected her clients, she used glue and cotton balls to seal puncture marks. 

A second person also is charged with murder in Reid’s death. Ross’ attorney says that second defendant actually applied the deadly injection to the 34-year-old Reid.

Reid was found dead in 2015 at a warehouse in Deep Ellum, where she had been several times before to get butt injections, CBS DFW reported. Reid’s daughter filed a civil lawsuit, claiming that botched butt injections led to her wrongful death, the station reported last month. The lawsuit was filed against the warehouse and suspects Ross and Jimmy “Alicia” Clarke.

Both Ross and Clarke were charged with murder.

“We’re not necessarily seeking money in damages,” said the plaintiff’s attorney James Ames. “We leave that to the jury to decide. This has clearly been an operation for a long time, so what we want to know is who benefited from this and who knew what.”

The suit claims Reid had a reaction to the substance being injected. 

“We believe silicone was injected into Wykesha in a form that wasn’t safe,” Ames said, CBS DFW reported last month. “It traveled through her bloodstream, into her heart and finally blocked one of her lungs.”

After the procedure, Reid allegedly asked to lie down, at which point the suit claims both Ross and Clarke took her wallet and keys and drove away in her car.