E-mail Of the Day: What Isn't Being Covered

An unhappy news consumer sent us this e-mail overnight. We thought we'd throw this out there for you to do with it what you will. -- Ed.
It's truly amazing to think that the stories receiving the most attention on the news during this election cycle are a congressman's emails to a teenage page, a senator calling a guy "macaca", the contents of a fictional book written by a candidate, a senator flubbing a bad joke, a plethora of tasteless ads, and a repeating of meaningless polls and predictions of "the countdown" towards "the race".

I remember in the days following the attacks of 9/11, when members of the media proclaimed that everything had changed. They admitted that they had lost track of their priorities in failing to report the "real news". Things would be different, they said. That promise lasted about as long as one of their news cycles.

While the body count continues to build at an alarming rate, little substance has been discussed of Iraq. Afghanistan is never mentioned. Katrina is never mentioned. The state of our health care and public education systems are never mentioned. The corporate outsourcing of jobs is never mentioned. The power of special interest groups is never mentioned. Political corruption has seldom been mentioned. Osama bin Laden is never mentioned, with the exception of the coverage given to a few terror ads sponsored by the RNC. The middle class and the reality of the American Dream is certainly never mentioned.

On November 8, when the election is complete, we will sit and wonder what all the noise was about. And while we will understand why politicians didn't want to talk about the real issues, we will conclude once again that the corporate news has let us down.


Honolulu, Hawaii