Fabulous In Your Fifties

Love it or hate it, getting older is a fact of life. On Wednesday, The
Early Show
continues its series featuring high-profile women who are
aging with grace and beauty. National Correspondent, Hattie Kauffman, spent
a day with actress Donna Mills to learn how she manages to look
and feel Fabulous at Fifty.

Mills is known around the world as "Abby" the part-villain, part-vixen from Knots Landing, who in the end always got her
way. Now, she can be known as a successful businesswoman with a new line of

Mills believes a combination of confidence, contentment and risk taking makes today's 50-year-olds look an dfeel beautiful and vibrant. Indeed, she exemplifies such a woman.

After dreaming of launching her own line of makeup for 15 years,
Mills has founded href="" target="external">The Eyes Have It, a
makeup kit that includes an instructional video.

Mills is also a partner in the Internet company href="" target="external">One World Live. The
co-founder of that business is Melanie Griffith, another woman who shares those traits and proves that beauty is more than just a pretty face.

Lois Joy Johnson, beauty and fashion editor of href="" target="external">MORE magazine
will also visit the Early Show Wednesday to share beauty tips and explain why it is never too late to change and seek new challenges.

MORE was created for the woman over 40. It features health,
beauty, fashion, relationship and career information with a particular reference
toward the 40- to 60 year-old demographic — those who are "living more".

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