Face in the News: Biden, Gingrich, Paul in one-hour

Face the Nation's first hour-long show packed a full hour's worth of news. Read David Bauder's take on our move from a 30-minute show to an hour-long format in the Chicago Sun Times.

Vice President Biden kicked off the show taking shots at GOP presidential candidate and presumed frontrunner Mitt Romney. POLITICO picked up his comment that "Governor Romney is a little out of touch." The Minneapolis Star Tribune expanded on that, writing, that "line of attack is likely to play prominently in the Obama campaign's general election narrative. "And he's opened himself to criticism through a series of missteps." 

The Washington Post seized on Biden's confidence that the Supreme Court would uphold the Affordable Care Act. 

The Wall Street Journal wrote the Vice President "took a subtle swipe at Republican voters" when he said the Republican Party is different than it ever has before and asked "how much has it changed? How far right has it gone? Or how anti-government has it become?"

In the second half-hour, Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul both insisted their campaigns will continue despite lagging poll numbers. Read the Wall Street Journal's take in "Gingrich and Paul Hang in There." 

Gingrich did say - though -- if it comes to a Romney nomination, "I'll do everything I can to help elect him." The Boston Globe noted this kind of talk was "a departure from his consistently defiant campaign rhetoric." 

Ron Paul didn't follow Gingrich's lead when asked whether he'd support Romney in the general if it comes to that. Read why Paul likes him, but won't say whether he'd support him in the Washington Post

The Huffington Post points out Paul "is not only still running for the GOP presidential nomination; he's "trying to save the Republican Party." 

Google and CBS News Face the Nation Kick off 2012 Google Hangout Series

The news didn't stop Sunday at 11:30. On Monday, Face the Nation and Google celebrated their new partnership. On Thursday, Bob Schieffer will host the first Face the Nation Google+ Hangout On Air. The Hangout will take place on the Face the Nation Google+ page Thursday at 1 p.m., and on Sunday highlights will air on the show. The party was a success - and Bob's excited for the Hangout. Read what Bob "can't wait" for someone to do to him during the online discussion Thursday on FishbowlDC. You can also read about it from Bloomberg.