Face in the News: Senators Graham and McCain "Hell-bent" over Benghazi attacks unanswered questions.

Republican Sens. Lindsey Graham, S.C., and John McCain AZ, stood firm in their positions to block the nomination of John Brennan for CIA Director this Sunday on Face the Nation. Both Senators have been very critical about the unanswered questions on the September 11th attack in Benghazi that killed four Americans, including U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens. Graham told Bob Schieffer, "John and I are hell-bent on making sure the American people understand this debacle called Benghazi."

McCain asked, "Why don't we just get answers to these questions?, I've had questions, written questions, for Mr. Brennan for nearly three weeks now. I've not received a single answer."

Graham said he wants to know who the survivors were in the attack so he can interview them, along with real-time transmissions between Washington and Libya on the night of the attack. "I'm not going to vote on a new CIA director until I find out what the CIA did in Benghazi," Graham said.

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Cardinal Timothy Dolan, president of the US Conference of Bishops, also appeared on "Face the Nation" to discuss the election process of a new Pope. Cardinals from around the world have gathered in Rome to appoint their new leader.

"This isn't the New Hampshire primary. Nobody will campaign," Dolan told Bob Schieffer." "We're just getting to know each other better."

When asked would the sex abuse scandal be considered, Dolan said "There's no Cardinal with his head in the sand when it comese to these issues. The church of course, while it is not of the world, it does exist in the world. So it shouldn't surprise us that the afflictions of the world that affect all elements of society and culture are particularly hideous when it comes to the church."

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"Talking really works." Veteran journalist Bob Woodward says of the dust up between him and White House Economic Adviser Chairman Gene Sperling over Woodward's recent reporting on the sequester. He told Bob Schieffer, "I am in the business of listening, and I'm going to invite him over to my house if he'll come and hopefully he'll bring others from the White House, maybe the president himself, and we can -- you know, talking really works."

The dissension began when Woodward said that based on the reporting for his 2012 book "The price of Politics," the sequester was actually President Obama's idea, a claim that Republicans had been making.

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