Fave TV Star? Oprah, Of Course

The TV tycoon is sitting pretty at No. 3.
Oprah is still the most popular TV personality around. She tops the annual Harris poll of favorite TV personalities for the third straight year.

David Letterman holds on to the number-two spot he had last year — but he's now tied with Jon Stewart. Ray Romano ranks fourth, followed by Jay Leno and Bill Cosby, even though he hasn't been on TV in years (unless you count reruns, which are on many times a day, 365 days a year.

Faux newsman Jon Stewart solidified his place in the public consciousness this year. Hailed as the year's best anchor by Vanity Fair magazine, he proved an essential truth-teller with his Comedy Central spoof newscast, "The Daily Show," which pulled record ratings as it mocked the Bush-Kerry race and world events in general.

Oprah's memorable presence was magnified this year feats such as giving away 276 Pontiacs and giving a 20-year-old orphan a full college scholarship and a $10,000 wardrobe.

The only other woman on the list is Ellen DeGeneres, who came in seventh on the list. Bill O'Reilly this year falls from third in 2003 to eighth. Dr. Phil is tied for ninth with Regis Philbin.

Jennifer Aniston, Whoopi Goldberg, Martin Sheen and William Peterson dropped out of the top ten this year.