Find Objects Of Desire Online

This holiday season, a mouse will be stirring for the 20 million people who'll do their shopping on the Internet.

Early Show Contributor Charla Lawhon showed Co-Anchor Jane Clayson a few samples of online goods from sites featured in the latest issue of InStyle magazine, of which she is executive editor.

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Some of the perks of online shopping include free gift wrapping and shipping. Also, many Web sites are new and still trying to build a clientele. "They want your business so they will accommodate you with free shipping, sometimes no tax," explains Lawhon.

One of the drawbacks is that some shoppers may feel that they are dealing with a machine. "The good news," says Lawhon, "is there are humans out there who will help you either online or a lot of these sites have 800 numbers you can call and ask the question you couldn't get answered online."

Chocolate champagne bottle (hangover proof)

At, you can order chocolate by manufacturer or by such regions as Switzerland or France. This is where you can order a champagne bottle entirely made of chocolate, filled with chocolate truffles, for about $40. Or you might try white chocolate ravioli for $29.95.

At, you'll find an elegant set of aluminum nesting bowls (about $70).

At, there is a site that seems to believe that less is more and that includes such items as pastel leather journals. If you buy $25 worth, shipping is free.

Fragrances from the hearth and from the earth

At, you'll find scents by Demeter that smell like the garden and the kitchen, sch as brownies, graham crackers, tomatoes, grass and even dirt. ("I'd wear that to garden, but do I want to wear it on a date?" quips Clayson.)

At, Lawhon found a boom box for $45, with a manufacturer's warranty. She notes that most people who shop on the Internet are buying gadgets like this.

Denim jacket by Todd Oldham

At, you'll find a denim jacket designed by Todd Oldham. "Denim is the big news on the spring runway," notes Lawhon, who says that on many Web sites, if you order clothes and they don't fit, you can easily get your money back.

At, you'll find the bright red Lulu sofa,

Locate your pony bag in cyberspace.

where Clayson and Lawhon staged their interview. At $1,700, says Lawhon, "It's a lot of look for not a lot of money when it comes to sofas."

At, there are such accessories as pony bags, which are not made with pony skin but with calf skin.