Gifts Online For Women

Want to put some fun back in holiday shopping? Just pull up a chair, grab your mouse, and avoid the crowds by shopping online. When it comes to buying clothing from Web sites, many consumers are edgy because obviously they can't try the clothes on.

But Kim Johnson Gross, author of the Chic Simple book series and of the Web site Ask Kim on America Online, visited The Early Show Co-Anchor Jane Clayson to share some advice on picking out gifts online for women.

"It's not as difficult as it looks," Gross says. "I chose a lot of things to illustrate it."

Snap up a reversible satin and velvet wrap.

She calls "every bargain hunter's paradise."

"Everything is discounted - major brands like Calvin Klein and Prada, which is fantastic," she says. "But there's not a lot of depth. If you see what you like, buy it quickly." For example, a reversible wrap that costs $125 fits small, medium and large sizes. And a beautiful velvet scarf ($135) fits anyone.

Also at bluefly, there's a reversible jacket in fashionable light blue that has polar fleece on the inside. The arms zip off so it's also a vest.

Click for swing trainer golf club.

At, Gross ran across a swing trainer ($59.95), a golf club that is not to play with, but to practice with. It has a shaft that is designed to teach you how to hold a club properly as well as how to swing and extend. Also at that site is a global money exchanger ($14.99).

At, find a red silk jacket that reverses to polar fleece ($248). It has a boxy fit that is right for a variety of body frames. The site also offers a black cashmere sleeveless turtleneck ($110), among other things.

Have beauty parlor party.

A fun item at is the Jaqua Girls Beauty Parlor Night Kit ($35), which is great for overnight parties. It comes with enough mud masks, facial scrubs and steams, foot treatments and headbands for a party of six.

Gross also showed "two great outfits" from, with the easy fit that Eddie Bauer is known for.

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If you know an expectant mother, try, which carries the sort of maternity clothes worn by supermodels like Cindy Crawford, who has her own section on that Web site.

And, of course, you can rarely miss with a cool treat like ice cream. At Gross' own Web site,, you'll find an ice cream cooler that will keep your frozen treat from melting away too fast.