"Good Choices Aren't Necessarily Popular"

A registered nurse wrote us about Armen Keteyian's report last nighton trouble at assisted living facilities:
I agree that it is important to make the public aware of the many concerns facing people that are trying to care for their loved ones or are looking for an appropriate place for their loved one. But. . . .

Placing an Alzheimer's person in an assisted living facility is the wrong decision. If a person is having problems to the point that they can not be cared for at home - they need more than "assisted" living. They were essentially living in the "assisted" environment at home. And the same accident could have happened at home. Too often families have promised a Mom or Dad that they would not place them in a nursing home. People still believe that nursing homes are just one step above going to Hell, and/or the last place to go before dying.

I work in a nursing home. I am an R.N. and an MDS coordinator. I have worked in the same facility for the past 25 years. I love my residents and for the most part they love me. We are close to all our residents and their families. Of course we live in a small town in a small community. I am always irritated when in the effort to keep an elder person happy, family makes the wrong decision about where to relocate the person. Hence we end up with residents living in elder housing complexes - supposedly independent or assisted - but watched by other older persons (the residents all watch each other and make sure stoves are shut off, doors are shut and falls have not occurred).

Families need to make themselves responsible for making good choices and not wait to blame a facility. We need to support the fact the good choices are not necessarily popular choices.

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