Greg Abbott on Wendy Davis' wheelchair attack ad: Whatever

Republican candidate for governor, Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott speaks to the press after voting in the Texas primary at Western Hills Church of Christ on March 4, 2014 in Austin, Texas.

Erich Schlegel, Getty Images

If wheelchair-bound Greg Abbott was bothered to see his Democratic gubernatorial opponent launch an ad questioning his commitment to helping other accident victims, he isn't showing it.

"If she wants to attack a guy in a wheelchair, that's her prerogative," Abbott, the Republican state attorney general, said on Fox News Monday. "As for me, I'm running a different type of campaign ... I will focus on the future of Texas while my opponent continues to attack me."

State senator Wendy Davis, the Democratic nominee, has defended the controversial TV ad, which charges that Abbott sought to deny the victims of other accidents or crimes the same compensation he received after being paralyzed three decades ago.

"In 1984, Greg Abbott sought out and received justice following a horrible injury, rightly so," Davis said during a press conference in Fort Worth, Texas,Monday. "But then he turned around and built his career working to deny the very same justice that he received to his fellow Texans rightly seeking it for themselves."

She insisted the ad was about Abbott's hypocrisy, not his disability.

Abbott, unsurprisingly, disagrees.

"It shows that her campaign is focused on one thing, and that is attacking me ... I don't think it's going to sell real well, so I'm going to stay focused on the future," he said on Fox. He added that was Davis' only option since she was trying to distance herself from President Obama during the gubernatorial election.

Other commentators have suggested that the ad was a move of desperation on the part of Davis, who is trailing in the polls. The latest figures from the CBS News/New York Times Battleground Tracker, released last week, show Abbott ahead, 54 to 40 percent.

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