Ground Rules For Winners

Joe Torre offers readers of practical suggestions for handling the difficult obstacles often faced in any line of work.

Here is an adaption of his 12 keys to managing team players, tough bosses and success covered in Joe Torre's Ground Rules for Winners:

1. Know your team players. Recognize their skill level and personal qualities and offer them support. Help them realize their importance to the team.

2. Manage with fairness, respect and trust. Do this for all team players and it will build trust and togetherness on the team.

3. Foster straight communication. Make sure all players feel they can talk with you and allow these talks to be both venting sessions as well as motivation sessions.

4. Maintain serenity. Challenge people without raising your voice or making threats.

5. Sustain optimism. Focus on your highest achievements as a team and draw on that experience.

6. Trust your intuition. Don't always play things safe. Trust your gut and take some chances.

7. Deal with tough bosses by creating mutual respect and trust. Stay positive. When the other may be negative, hold onto your optimism and integrity, and you'll thrive.

8. Deal with tough bosses by asserting your agenda and integrity. Openly discuss and define your shared goals so the boss knows the organization's success is first.

9. Deal with tough bosses by striking a balance between difference, distance and dialogue. Every boss - along with every employee - wants to be treated with respect. In other words when the boss is wrong, tell him in a respectful way. Choose your battles wisely.

10. Foster a steadiness and a small bites approach. Accept there are no triumphs without setbacks. Solve your problems one at a time.

11. Demonstrate care, conviction and commitment. Value your accomplishments as both an individual and a team member - even if you don't get rewarded.

12. Recognize that sacrifice is not just a bunt. Be prepared to give of yourself - sacrifice your personal goals for the greater good. "Take one for the team."

Torre uses the term "team" and "team players" throughout the book to mean any organization and any members of that organization.

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