"He Made Me Feel I Could Overcome The Odds"

Many people have remarked today at how much Ed Bradley loved young people and served as a mentor for so many. Bacchus J. Johnson works with the Evening News as a Production Assistant, and sent us this remembrance. -- Ed.

One of my earliest memories is of Ed Bradley on 60 Minutes in the late 80's. I come from a family of news consumers. When I think of people I wanted to be like, the name Ed Bradley always appeared at the top of the list. Mr. Bradley was an icon not only for black journalists, but all journalists. He had an innate curiosity, passion and flair for news that put him in the same league as Ed Murrow, Walter Cronkite, Mike Wallace and the late Peter Jennings. Mr. Bradley's eye for detail, his smooth voice, and charisma captivated viewers young and old. He mesmerized those who worked here, too. When Mr. Bradley spoke everybody listened. One of my most memorable days at CBS was when he anchored the Evening News over the summer. I appreciate the mentoring he gave me. He made me feel like I could overcome the odds and become whatever my heart desired.

He gave many black journalists a blue print on how to navigate their careers in a business that is constantly changing and not always kind to us. I take pride in being among the third generation of black journalists at CBS News. We're like a small family and Mr. Bradley was our patriarch. I owe my budding career to Mr. Bradley and I will do my part in continuing a legacy that he started.