Police in Houston search for suspect after officers shot

Houston SWAT officers respond to reports of an active shooter after two officers were shot earlier

Bill Bishop/KHOU

Last Updated Feb 28, 2017 9:20 PM EST

HOUSTON -- One suspect is dead and one is at large after two police officers were injured responding to reports of a burglary in progress in southwest Houston.

The city lifted a lockdown for southwest Houston on Tuesday evening, although the manhunt is on for one suspect who is considered armed and dangerous, CBS affiliate KHOU reports

“The suspect at large is considered armed and dangerous,” said Houston police chief Art Acevedo. “Someone who is willing to shoot and try to kill two officers in broad daylight over a property crime, is someone who is a threat to the community.”   

The suspect who got away is described as Hispanic, dressed in all black with a blue bandana.   

CBS affiliate KHOU-TV reports that Houston Police Department officers were injured in an “officer involved shooting” early Tuesday afternoon. Both officers were transported to local hospitals.

Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner told reporters Tuesday afternoon that one officer was shot multiple times and remains in critical condition. The second officer was injured in the foot and his injuries are not life threatening.

Acevedo identified the officers as Ronnie Cortez and Jose Munoz, according to KHOU-TV’s Stephanie Whitfield. Cortez is a 24-year veteran of the force, while Munoz has served for 10 years.

Officer Ronny Cortez is in critical condition at Memorial Hermann Hospital with several gunshot wounds. One bullet is lodged near his spine, according to the mayor. Turner said Cortez’s wife is at his side and he was able to speak with her. The Houston Police Officers Union says the officers were wearing vests that covered their chests and torsos.  

Houston Emergency Services Director Dr. David Persse said Cortez’s condition “is improved since he first got here.” 

“He is awake and talking and is with his family,” Persse said.

Acevedo said Cortez was “in pain but he’s alert. ... Both these officers have hearts of lions.”

Earlier, Karedes reported police were telling residents to take cover due to an “active shooter scene”:

Members of the Houston Police Department and SWAT team units had surrounded a house in southwest Houston with guns drawn, KHOU-TV reports.