Indonesians Clash With Police

Indonesia continues to be a major international trouble spot. Thursday it was the scene of the worst student rioting since President Suharto was forced to quit half-a-year ago after 32 years in power.

CBS News Correspondent Barry Petersen, who recently returned from Indonesia, reports that Indonesia has been tense for months but Wednesday night it all boiled over as students and bystanders clashed with police.

The students want elections soon and they don't want them to be rigged as in years past. A special meeting at parliament is debating those rules.

Indonesia is a

country where tens of millions have fallen below the poverty line since the economy crash last year. One general said the hungry are the most dangerous because they feel they have nothing to lose.

President Clinton is due in Asia next week for a summit with Asian leaders.

Indonesia's turmoil is a grim reminder of how fragile the economies in Asia are and the potential for danger if things get any worse.

Reported By Barry Petersen