Katie: A Late Afternoon Java Jolt

Hi, everyone.

Long time, no blog!

Just wanted to say a quick hi. The newscast begins in about an hour, so I'm nursing a cup of French vanilla Dunkin' Donuts coffee. And munchkins. Why do I feel eating eight munchkins means you're consuming fewer calories than a donut? Is it also true that when you eat things standing up, it doesn't count?

Micro-targeterswould tell you Dunkin' Donuts means I'm a Republican. If I was having a skinny double latte from Starbucks, I'd be a Democrat. What if you're a bi-café java consumer?

But I digress…

Make sure you check out First Looktoday. I loved going over to Radio and checking out their digs. I had a lovely chat with Harley Carnes, who told me he was named after the motorcycle he was conceived on (TMI, Harley!). Also, I learned a tremendous amount of history from Charlie Kaye, who explained how really all broadcasting grew out of CBS Radio in the '30s. He told me some great Edward R. Murrow stories. I also saw the famous map that was Walter Cronkite's backdrop in the early days.

Now I'm hungry to read more about the history of CBS; obviously I know some, but I'm really curious to learn more.

(News Editor Jerry Cipriano – who started his career in radio – recommends "Air Time" by Gary Paul Gates. There were plenty of books about CBS written during the "turbulent Tisch years," but I think I'll save those for later…)

Anyway: that's the way it is. Tuesday November 14, 2006.