Katie Couric's Notebook: Change

Hi, everyone, from Washington.

If you had to sum up a main theme of yesterday's election, it boils down to just one word: change.

Again and again in our CBS News exit polls, we heard that people were dissatisfied with the direction of the country, unhappy with Congress, and disturbed about the war in Iraq. And also again and again, one name loomed large, and it wasn't even a name on the ballot: George W. Bush.

Most of those polled said they did not approve of President Bush's job performance, or his handling of the war.

Something, they said, needed to change. That change may already have begun, with today's resignation of Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld.

With this election, voters sent a message.

It's a message the founding fathers would have appreciated - and one, in fact, they fought and died for.

That is: Democracy is fluid. The people have a voice. They can use it to speak out.

And yesterday, they did.

That's a page from my notebook.