Katie Couric's Notebook: Final Edition?

Hi, everyone.

Newspaper circulation is plummeting -- down nearly 3% according to data released this week. Think about it. When was the last time you heard a kid yelling "extra, extra!"? With more people getting news online, there's no reason to STAND on line to buy a paper.

In fact, my generation could be the last to have the "newspaper experience."

You know what it's like. There's the smell of the newsprint, the black smudges that get on your fingers and furniture. There's the aroma of a wet newspaper that you pull in off your front stoop on a rainy Sunday morning. That big Sunday paper, and a big cup of coffee, are a kind of weekend paradise.

And it's disappearing. For all we've gained with the internet, I think we're LOSING something -- that intimate involvement with the written word.

So enjoy the "newspaper experience" while you can.

Soon you may be reading it's obituary ...on line.

That's a page from my notebook.

(Just click the monitor to watch the Notebook on video. -- Ed.)