Katie Couric's Notebook: Gratitude

Hi, everyone.

Thanksgiving is tomorrow and, for millions of Americans -- genuinely struggling with all kinds of problems -- it seems hard to be grateful...when it's hard to be happy.

And yet, psychologists have come to some interesting new conclusions about happiness, one of which is that gratitude -- for whatever we have -- actually makes us happier.

Time magazine did a fascinating report on this research, and it turns out a lot of what we think will make us happy really doesn't.

Not money, not education, not even a high IQ.

A sunnier climate does nothing to make us sunnier people.

What CAN make us happier?

Religious faith...forgiveness...exercise...friendship...and, above all, gratitude. One psychologist recommends keeping a gratitude journal, as a place to honor our blessings instead of our complaints.

A lot of us will be giving thanks tomorrow. Maybe we'd be happier if we did it every day of the year.

That's a page from my notebook.