Katie Couric's Notebook: Jordan and Turkey

Hi, everyone.

This week, the eyes of the world are on two places where passions are running high … and patience is running out.

President Bush heads to Jordan for a summit with Iraq's Prime Minister. Topic A: finding a solution for the escalating violence in Iraq -- violence that threatens to plunge the country into chaos. Will the U.S. send more troops? Will Iran and Syria become involved? A lot hinges on what happens in Jordan, and I'll be there to cover that meeting.

Meanwhile, the pope is paying an historic visit to Turkey, amid some of the tightest security ever for a papal trip. Tens of thousands of defiant Muslims have been protesting Pope Benedict's visit, expressing their anger over his controversial remarks about Islam two months ago.

What happens in Jordan and in Turkey over the next few days could have important implications that will reach far beyond those countries ... and last far beyond this week.

That's a page from my notebook.