Katie Couric's Notebook: Quacks?

Hi, everyone.

A lot of senators and congressmen lost their jobs two weeks ago and have become lame ducks.

Lame ducks?

According to William Safire, "lame duck" was originally a British term, used to describe bankrupt businessmen…and by the 1830's was used to describe electorally bankrupt politicians.

Even if you--joined by a majority of voters in your state--voted against your senator because you think he's a quack ... he's still your senator until January.

And between now and then Congress convenes in a lame duck session…during which the re-elected, the de-elected, and the retiring will continue to work on appointments, anti-terror legislation, treaties, and spending bills.

Why didn't this stuff get done before the election?

Because a lot of politicians, their eyes on the next election, didn't want to take tough positions.

Like ducks, lame and otherwise...they don't want it put on their "bill."

That's a page from my notebook.