Katie Couric's Notebook: Remembering Ed

Hi, everyone.

CBS News, and television journalism, are grieving today. Ed Bradley has died.

People here at CBS will tell you: Ed loved what he did, and did it better than anyone. During his 26 years at "60 Minutes," he made every story come alive...whether it was shadow boxing with Muhammad Ali or investigating the death of Emmet Till, he approached every story with intelligence and a huge amount of class...I loved his earring too!

Many will never forget one moment. While filming a documentary on the boat people, he saw a raft full of refugees begin to sink. Ed couldn't remain an impartial observer. He got right into that water and carried some of the refugees to shore.

In the days ahead, we'll be hearing more stories of his tenacity, his sensitivity, and most of all his decency. One former colleague said "He was an admirable man in every way."

A rare complement...for a rarer man.

That's a page from my notebook.