Katie Couric's Notebook: Second Chances

We're just a week into the New Year, but I think I see a theme developing already - and I like they way it sounds: The Year of the Second Chance.

This week, a man in New York tried to kill himself by leaping from his apartment window, but the uncollected trash on the sidewalk broke his fall and he's alive.

In Columbus, Ohio, Ted Williams went from having no home to being live in everyone else's on national TV shows. His velvety voice was his ticket to a new beginning.

And today, two sisters who were serving life sentences for robbery...are free. Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour allowed them to leave on the condition that Gladys Scott give her sister Jamie a kidney to save her life.

It's not often that fate is kind of enough to offer a fresh start. I hope they all make the most of that gift.

But their stories do give me a feeling this could be a very good year.

That's a page from my notebook.

I'm Katie Couric, CBS News.