Katie Couric's Notebook: See How She Runs

Hi, everyone.

It's a big year for women candidates. 10 are running for Governor, 93 for Lieutenant Governor, Secretary of State or State Treasurer.

But the really big news is that a record number of women are running for state legislatures -- 2,430 in all. If a woman holds high office today, chances are she started there, learning politics from the ground up. Men, on the other hand, tend to jump into races for jobs at the top of the ladder, without climbing the lower rungs.

Both the Democratic "Emily's List" and the Republican "Wish List" train and support female candidates. And the odds are in their favor. Voters, disheartened by all the congressional scandals, often see women as change agents. Hey, it could happen!

It's possible that in the next congress, women will comprise more than 15% of the House of Representatives and more than 14% of the U-S Senate.

Since women make up about 54% of the population...at least it's a start.

That's a page from my notebook.

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