Katie Couric's Notebook: Time With The Kids

Hi, everyone.

Think working mothers spend less time with children? Think again.

According to researchers, all moms are spending AT LEAST as much time with their kids as they did 40 years ago. And guess who's doing more housework? Dad. It's all in a new book, "Changing Rhythms of American Family Life."

Some of that is because moms have become wizards at multi-tasking. We've figured out how to take care of the kids, answer e-mails and cook dinner at the same time.

But the book also reports that parents feel pressure to raise the perfect child - and are investing time and energy trying to DO that. Some of the extra attention is also driven by fear. Parents are keeping closer tabs on kids because they're afraid for their safety.

If you're guilt-ridden about not spending enough time with your kids...hearken back to when WE were growing up. Our parents never worried obsessively about entertaining us.

And we turned out okay...I think.

That's a page from my notebook.