Katie Couric's Notebook: To Amman

Hi, everyone.

The place where President Bush is meeting with Iraq's Prime Minister Maliki is rich in history -- and in meaning.

Amman, Jordan is one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world. Archeologists have found homes and towers believed to date back to 7,000 BC - literally, the Stone Age.

For centuries, the city was an important stop for caravans, and to this day in the city's seven hills you can find every kind of culture: Roman amphitheaters, Byzantine basilicas, Muslim mosques and pagan temples.

The Hebrew Scriptures refer to Amman, the capital of the Ammonites, as the "city of water." But what many may not know is that Amman for many years went by another name, one familiar to every American: Philadelphia.

It remains to be seen if THIS Philadelphia, that has witnessed so much history over thousands of years, can serve as a peacemaker, and be another "city of brotherly love."

That's a page from my notebook.