Katie Couric's Notebook: Turnout

Hi, everyone.

This election was another reminder of how the will of the people can make history.

It certainly made history last Tuesday, with the Democratic tidal wave transforming the political landscape.

But you couldn't help but notice that something was missing.

That something was US - the American people. Too many of us just don't vote. Since Watergate, turnout for midterm elections has hovered at about 40%, or less.

Compare that with Australia, which has compulsory voting. They've made it a pocketbook issue: if you don't vote, you're fined. No surprise: they've had turnout of over 94% for 50 years.

That may not be the answer for us. But we do need to get more people to vote -- maybe by moving elections to a weekend, or finding ways to engage people in the process.

After all, it's in our hands. And as one voter told us this week:

"If you don't vote, you can't complain," he said. "And I love to complain."

That's a page from my notebook.