Ken Burns describes Jackie Robinson as a baseball player

WASHINGTON (CBS News) - Filmmaker Ken Burns sat down with Face the Nation host John Dickerson to discuss his new film "Jackie Robinson," (part one aired last night on PBS, part two airs tonight). In this Web Extra, Dickerson asked what type of player baseball legend, Jackie Robinson, was during his career.

"He's great. Enough to be elected to the Hall of Fame in his first moment of eligibility." Burns said, although he disclaimed, "He's not the greatest player." Burns called Robinson a "dynamic" player and stated that Robinson "changed the game."

According to Ken Burns, Robinson changed the game by bringing, "Negro League Baseball to the Major Leagues."

"Before up to that, you got a guy on base and then you hit him home, right? But here, you got on base with a walk, you stole second, you stole third and then maybe you stole home. And nobody was better at stealing home than Jackie Robinson."

Burns also told Dickerson that Jackie Robinson played with "electricity," and that his ability to play such a unique and challenging game in the midst of all that he went through makes Robinson the "most important player."