Made with magic beans? This cup of Joe will cost you $16

Last Updated Jun 14, 2016 3:28 PM EDT

At $65 for six ounces of coffee, it's either highway robbery or the best small bag of beans ever.

Connoisseurs will note hints of dried strawberry, coffee blossom and crystalline; frugal java seekers will note its price.

Either way, caffeine fanatics who want to sample the expensive beans dubbed Hussein al-Haba can do so at Blue Bottle cafes, all of which started selling the product five days ago. A cup of this java will set you back $16.

The costly brew comes thanks to a partnership between Blue Bottle and Port of Mokha, founded by Yemini-American coffee founder Mokhtar Alkhanshali.

Blue Bottle is also offering a limited release edition of the beans, grown high on sun-scorched and rocky slopes of Yemen's Hayma region. The coffee will be roasted and shipped only on June 20, due to limited quantities.

Blue Bottle, which started in Oakland, California, nearly 15 years ago, has 23 outlets in the United States, all of them in California or New York, and three in Tokyo.