Man attempts challenge to outrun the London subway, this week on The Feed!

This week's most popular viral videos include a kitten playing with a peacock, a speedy fellow racing the London subway on foot, high-fiving people hailing cabs, a massive wasp nest, the "Apparently Kid" gets a TV commercial and a tiny hamster takes on Kobayashi in a hot dog eating contest.

First up, Malinda Coltura shared this adorable video of a kitten playing with his "best friend" Henry the peacock.

Epic Challenges shared this exciting video of a man who attempts to race the London subway on foot. His challenge is to jump out at Mansion House, sprint up the stairs and through the streets to Cannon Street, and try and get back on the same train he was riding. Will he make it?

Who doesn't like a good high-five? The folks at AMK Productions put that question to the test by slapping hands with unsuspecting people hailing taxis in New York City.

Vang Tsal has a bit of a wasp problem outside his window. But, it's hard to tell if he considers it a problem. He's already uploaded three videos of the growing nest to his YouTube channel, and plans on posting more.

The "Apparently Kid," who rose to fame with this WNEP-TV interview, has been everywhere lately. He's had a slew of follow-up interviews, a Gregory Brothers song remix, an appearance on Ellen and now this Freshpet TV commercial.

And, HelloDenizen makes a triumphant return with a new "Tiny Hamster" video. In this installment, a tiny hamster takes on Japanese competitive eater Takeru Kobayashi in a hot dog eating contest.

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