Manhunt for one armed suspect after cop, second suspect shot in Reno

Scene of shooting in Reno late on March 2, 2017

RENO, Nevada – Police are searching for the second suspect in an officer-involved shooting here Thursday night that resulted in the death of the first suspect, reports CBS Reno affiliate KTVN-TV.

Details were sparse, but Reno police say both suspects were stopped in a car when the officer and at least one suspect exchanged gunfire.

The officer and one suspect were shot and the second suspect fled, authorities say. The other suspect was also hurt.

The officer and suspect were brought to a hospital, where the suspect was pronounced dead. The officer is expected to survive.

The second subject is identified as Eric “Smokey” Bernal, who police say is armed, dangerous and believed to be a member of a local gang.

It wasn’t clear if he was the suspect who fired the shots at the officer.