Men in Afghan police uniforms kill 2 NATO troops

U.S. Army soldiers silhouetted against map of Afghanistan

(AP) KABUL, Afghanistan - NATO and Afghan officials say that two of the coalition service members killed in the country's south were gunned down by men dressed in Afghan police uniforms.

There were conflicting reports, however, as to whether the assailants in Saturday's shooting in Helmand province were members of the police force or rather insurgents disguised as police officers.

Fareed Ahmad, a spokesman for Helmand provincial police, says two Afghan policemen were behind the shooting at a joint Afghan-coalition compound in Helmand.

NATO said that operational reports indicated that the gunmen were insurgents dressed in police uniforms, not official members of the police force.

The shooting is the latest in a string of incidents in which Afghan security forces or militants disguised as policemen turn their weapons on their international military partners.