Mom says Apple's Siri helped save baby's life

Siri came to the rescue for one Australian mom when her 1-year-old daughter needed medical assistance.

REUTERS/Suzanne Plunkett

The baby monitor showed Stacey Gleeson that her 1-year-old daughter Giana had turned blue.

She went to her and discovered she'd stopped breathing.

The mom from Cairns, Australia, told 7 News that she picked up her daughter and checked her airways. Then: "I looked over and remembered my phone."

Gleeson has an iPhone with "Hey, Siri" voice activation. She'd dropped the iPhone in her panic, but shouted to the virtual assistant to call an ambulance.

Before the ambulance had arrived Giana's mom had got her breathing again.

However, Giana's dad Nic told 7 News that the fact that mom didn't have to leave her child to make the call may have made all the difference.

Apple didn't immediately respond to a request for comment.

Cupertino has recently been heavily advertising the "Hey, Siri" function, even hiring the Cookie Monster as a spokesman.

It seems, though, that Siri use is far more prevalent in cars and homes, as people still feel uncomfortable using voice assistants in public.

In cases such as Gleeson's, when a mom is alone with her child, it can be that Siri is a vital help.

Mom says Giana has made a full recovery.

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